Parish of Bay d'Espoir
Christ Church, Milltown - Head of Bay d'Espoir
Church of the Ascension, Morrisville

Mission Statement

The Anglican Parish of Bay d'Espoir is a positive Christian community witnessing through worship, education, fellowship and service, the love of God following the example of Jesus Christ. As a Christian Family guided by the Holy Spirit, it is committed to offering worship services that are varied, stimulating, and inclusive of people of all ages.


 Funeral Regulations

(approved by the Select Vestry of Christ Church as of 7th January. 2006)


(1) The Clergy person assigned to the Parish is responsible for the arrangement and conduct of a funeral.

(2) The Day and Time is decided by the Clergy in consultation with the funeral home and family and when most convenient for all concerned.

(3) The family service or family prayers is for family, relatives and friends that the family would like to be there. It is a time for expression of memories and sentiments of a personal nature. Messages addressed to the family can be read at this time but not at the Funeral Service.

(4) The Clergy may provide a homily at the Funeral Service focusing on the resurrection of Jesus and His promise of eternal life. Eulogies are not permitted at this service as they are part of the Family Service.

(5) It is the responsibility of the family to select the pall bearers, and not the Cemetery Committee or Wardens.

(6) It is the responsibility of the family to obtain someone to play for the funeral.

(7) In consideration of the demands placed upon family members at this time, Waking (people in the church overnight) should only take place in extenuating circumstance with the permission of the Clergy. No beds or cots are allowed in the chapel or church building and family members, if they must stay, are encouraged to have a schedule so that the responsibility can be shared and all will have time to rest.

(8) A meal will be provided for the family on the day of the funeral if they so desire. Food, tea and coffee should be consumed in the kitchen, only water is allowed in the church or chapel. Please leave the kitchen as you found it.

(9) The family can choose which book, the Book of Alternative Services or the Book of Common Prayer, with or without Eucharist for the Funeral Service.


Cemetery rules & regulations

(approved by the Select Vestry of Christ Church)


The co-operation of all concerned will be necessary if the Cemetery is to be well maintained and reflect with dignity the fact that it belongs to a caring Christian Community.

(1) Before any grave marker is erected the custodian or Church Wardens must be contacted so as to ensure that the monument being erected is parallel to those already in the cemetery. Anyone installing a monument that does not comply with these regulations will be responsible for the realignment and the cost incurred to complete the task.

(2) Plastic or natural flowers are to be placed on the grave marker or the surrounding patio stone, not on the grave itself as this hinders mowing of the grass. Plants, shrubs, ornaments, stones, etc. that interfere with maintenance will be removed.

(3) The Cemetery Committee or Wardens will not be responsible for any articles or headstones that may be lost, stolen, damaged or broken. They will not be held responsible for debris found on the grave.

(4) A plot plan will be prepared by the cemetery Committee or Wardens and kept updated with the names of individuals interred in the Cemetery. This listing will also include where ashes are buried and ensure that a consistent pattern is followed and the internments recorded.

(5) Any grave that isn't marked by a headstone will have a white cross erected.

(6) Plywood must be laid on the adjacent plots to contain material from the grave being dug, which must be cleaned up immediately following the funeral.

(7) No enclosures whatsoever may be erected around .grave sites or plots, in any cemetery (that is no concrete, wood or wire).  All graves, when finished,  must be level with the surrounding area, lawn seed or sods may be placed on the leveled ground in order to promote an attractive green cemetery.

(8) Fall clean-up: Graves should be cleared in the fall of each year. Items of value such as glass ornamental containers, flower vases, etc, (other than permanently mounted on grave markers) should be removed by October 31st.


(These regulations will be strictly enforced and are subject to change with the approval of Vestry.)